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Our Mission

Donate HereBuilding Strong Survivors™ is a nonprofit organization centered on supporting women, children, and their families whose lives have been affected by cancer. We strive to enrich the lives of women and children as they battle cancer. In addition, we donate proceeds from each event to organizations (or specific studies being done) that work to find a cure.

Building strong survivors organizer - Tiffany Honikel

Taking Victory Over Cancer!

Founded by Tiffany Honikel in 2011, we are dedicated to planning and hosting a variety of fund-raising events geared toward supporting other like-minded charitable organizations. Building Strong Survivors™ is headquartered in Schenectady, New York, and we're committed to supporting all individuals, especially women and children, throughout the Capital Region.

The BIG EVENT is fast approaching and space is limited! Great Music, Silent Auction, 50/50, and Prizes. To guarantee your spot, register today!! Visit the Pedaling Toward the Pink Cure Event link for all the details.

Cycling Albany NYDance Albany NY

Cycling to Dance events, Building Strong Survivors™ hosts several events in conjunction with other local organizations in order to promote cancer awareness and funding for research throughout the region. Proceeds from our events go to women's and children's groups that support them while they battle cancer as well as research centers and other groups that dedicate their resources to finding a cure.

Building Strong Survivors Albany NY

Why We Got Started

Our founder, Tiffany Honikel, organized the very first Building Strong Survivors™ event in 2011 for a close friend, Laurie Vane, who had been diagnosed with breast cancer. An indoor cycling enthusiast, Tiffany's friend expressed interest in organizing a fund-raising event centered on cycling rather than running or walking—and Pedaling Toward the Pink Cure™, the largest indoor cycling event in the Capital Region, was born! This event continues today, alongside our brand-new Dance event.

Proceeds from our events go to local groups assisting those who are currently battling cancer and other groups that dedicate their resources to finding a cure.